Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing allows us to measure a candidate’s behavioural style and capabilities to identify if they are the right choice for your business. ASL uses Saville Assessment tests to give the strongest indicator of an individual’s ability and potential.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are used to measure a candidate’s suitability for your open positions based on a variety of factors. We offer a number of tests that evaluate a person’s verbal, numerical, mechanical, abstract, diagrammatic, spatial, and error checking aptitudes. Combination packages are also available where multiple ability areas need to be tested.

The Saville aptitude tests are work-related and consist of typical content you would find in an office, such as charts, tables, and documents. Each test has been designed to evaluate a range of cognitive abilities and traits.

We can offer these aptitude tests online or in-person, giving you the flexibility to choose between supervised and unsupervised tests.

Personality Tests

Wave Professional Styles is a personality questionnaire that can used throughout all areas of the talent cycle. This test measures motives, talents, preferred culture, and competency potential through an online questionnaire – making it quick and easy for candidates to complete.

Questions use work-relevant language to determine a candidate’s motives and talents by asking what they enjoy doing and what they think they are good at. The questionnaire also utilises a unique rating format which helps elicit more detailed information about an individual’s workplace preferences.

The Wave questionnaire has outperformed a number of leading personality tests on both work competencies and overall performance measures, and this higher validity allows for a higher return on investment.  

Once tests have been administered, we will provide detailed reports for each candidate and the results can be tailored to reflect your organisation’s values and needs. Our breakdown and analysis of each result ensures that you can make better hiring decisions and place the right person in the right role.

All of our reports are very user-friendly and our aptitude tests also offer supplementary information on the test-taking style of the candidate. Our skilled testers are also on hand to help you interpret any data that you are unsure of or need assistance with.

For more information on how psychometric testing can help your business, please contact Heidi Gibaut on 500000.

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