Are Interim Positions Your Next Step?

Tina Palmer

June 29, 2020 6 min read

The world of work is continuously changing, especially in the lead-up to a post-coronavirus world. Businesses have been facing constant uncertainty for the last few months, with many companies in need of external support. Interim management positions have played a role in this support and could potentially be the way forward.

We have had many candidates ask us about interim management and what the role entails. We hope that sharing our knowledge of these positions will help those who are unsure of their next steps to evaluate the positives and pitfalls of interim management. Understanding both possibilities will help you decide if interim management is for you.

As each role comes with different people, systems, and strategies, it is easy to fulfil your thirst for variety as you will expose yourself to a wide range of clients and industries. How much a role will stretch you depends on the placement and what you are asked to achieve. You may not be positioned in a role for long, but you will be packing in a large amount of valuable experience to help you develop further.

Work-life balance is something everyone is trying to achieve. This balance can involve juggling parental responsibilities, easing into retirement, or merely concentrating on your wellbeing. Having the control to choose what assignments you undertake allows you the opportunity to work the hours you want, as well as decide how much holiday you take.

As an interim employee, you will not be eligible for company perks. However, you will be able to command an enhanced day rate that matches what you would receive in a permanent position. The skills you have developed and nurtured throughout your experience make you an invaluable asset to businesses, as these skills make you an expert in your field.

Some assignments are those which no senior manager in the organisation wants to or has the skills to deliver. In these instances, those who thrive on tight deadlines and stretching objectives will have great success. These cases are where you can show your true potential as a manager while providing essential support to a business.

There are downsides too, which are typically the reasons many people elect not to take on interim positions. As an individual, you have to be a great salesperson because promoting yourself is how you find available jobs. Permanent employees do not always have the skills to sell themselves as this is not a regular part of employment, but it is an integral part of interim positions.

Another aspect that should also be considered is the downtimes between assignments. Although you may enjoy the rest period, you must be prepared for periods of unemployment. Many individuals at the interim level are content to deal with brief unemployment as it allows them to have more control over their work-life balance.

Securing the right assignment is also an issue for those seeking interim employment. It can be hard to know how a particular role will stretch your abilities, or if a job is more than you can handle when you haven’t done a similar role before.

If you think an interim role sound like the kind of challenge you’re after, or if you want some more information, ASL can help! We have connections across the island to find the perfect role for your situation and the know-how to get you started.

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Tina Palmer


Tina is a very passionate director with more than 29 years’ experience in the industry. She has spent 9 years on the Employment Forum and 3 years on the Skills Board of Jersey.

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