Temp FAQs

Below are a list of the most commonly asked questions in relation to temping.  If there is anything we haven’t covered or something you think we need to add to this section then please let us know.

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For Candidates Seeking Temporary Employment


A temporary member of staff is employed for a variety of reasons for example to cover sickness, holidays, maternity leave or to assist with project work. Some clients take a temporary member of staff with a view to making them permanent.

Your contract is with ASL who is your employer, not the client where you are on assignment. ASL are here to offer you advice and support whenever you need it.

People temp for a variety of reasons. Some for the flexibility it offers, others find temping a great option whilst they are waiting to find the right permanent position.

First you need to register with ASL by completing an application form and supplying us with your CV. You will then meet with one of our consultants who will assess your personal needs and skills i.e. your availability, personal requirements etc. We will send for references and take copies of your proof of ID and address. ASL then work to match and place you in a temporary assignment. We will take you through an induction and if required a credit or police check might be obtained. As you gain more experience your CV will be updated to include any new skills you have acquired. At ASL we offer training in both keyboard skills and software packages to help improve your value as a temp.

On registration with ASL, you will be asked to complete an ASL pre-employment form before meeting with a consultant to discuss your employment needs availability etc.   You will be asked to provide ASL with the following information:

  • Your current CV
  • Proof of identity – You will be asked to provide photographic identification and 2 independent proofs of your current address
  • Proof of right to work in Jersey
  • Bank details
  • ITIS (Tax Effective Rate)
  • Social Security Card
  • Verification of Qualifications if applicable


For Existing Temps

On receipt of a signed authorised timesheet, you will be paid weekly direct into your bank account on the Friday following the week you have worked.

Temps are entitled by law to 10 days paid leave per year. This is proportionate to the actual hours you work, referred to as “rolled-up holiday pay” (4% of the hourly rate for example £10.00 = £10.40 per hour). You will not receive any further payment for holiday taken and you are not entitled to payment for sickness or lunch hours.

You will be entitled to receive payment for a Bank Holiday provided that you are in an assignment that is continuous and covers the period both before and after the Bank Holiday in question. You do not have to work on a Bank Holiday if you are not obliged to.

ASL are your employer you should contact us in the first instance.

Use the following link to download our timesheet template in PDF format.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view this file.

Download ASL Timesheet

We hope that you enjoy your experience of being an ASL temp. We are always striving to improve and would welcome your feedback at recruitment@asl-jersey.co.uk