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When an organisation makes the tough decision to remove employees, the assistance the company provides those that are affected by redundancy, severance, or displacement can have a tremendous impact on business reputation, staff morale and on the future of the employee losing their job. 

Job loss has the potential to turn someone’s world upside down. When an employee experiences displacement, it is absolutely normal for them to feel hurt, vulnerable, angry or stressed. How employees are supported during this time of personal uncertainty, the provision of such support can make all the difference to an individual’s job search success. 

Experienced in recruitment and HR practices, ASL can offer outplacement services to help organisations manage this difficult transition process by assisting displaced employees to find new jobs and in turn will assist with the morale of existing employees who see their exiting colleagues well-treated. Our services are tailored to suit your organisational and individuals needs and cover: 

  • understanding the change requirement and being able to explain its rationale;
  • rebuilding confidence;
  • identifying future employability and transferable skills;
  • suggesing new or different career direction;
  • guiding the preparation of writing a winning CV;
  • preparing individuals with interview tips and guidance; and
  • extensive job hunting  facilities including hand-picked relevant job searches, along with identification  of appropriate networking and events to assist with customised job leads.

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