Brand Marketing Manager

13. November 2019

This is a rare and exciting role to be the brand guardian for a well known Global Brand (via a local franchise) and other 3rd party products in Jersey and Guernsey.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the products, services and product lines that fall under each brand, resonates with current and potential customers and are compliant with the Franchise Agreement

This is a pivotal role, which holds overall responsibility for developing and managing the relationship with the Brand Director, the Brand and other 3rd party providers and to ensure all proposed activities align with the franchise agreement, brand direction, strategies and channels.

Key responsibilities

• Maintain relationships with media partners and agree/sign contracts
• Manage all media bookings campaign schedules per quarter in advance
• Deliver the brand overall marketing plan which must be completed, submitted for review by the brand at least 3 months in advance
• Management of the Marketing budget and informing finance of funding
• Attend fortnightly calls to report campaign activity to the Brand directly
• Produce quarterly detailed Keynote presentation for review of activity for previous quarter including analysis of successes and opportunities
• In sole charge of the cycle of campaign planning, execution, submission and review
• Drive sales through exploiting opportunities, producing a business case to appeal for funding where necessary
• Produce radio scripts for refreshed quarterly radio campaigns in Jersey and Guernsey
• All graphic design in adherence with strict brand guidelines
• Submit all artwork in campaign form for approval and action any changes
• Maintain efficient and responsive working relationships with the Brand
• Conducting weekly social media and email statistic reports
• Research, compose and manage all social media content relevant to Jersey and Guernsey including composition and execution of competitions
• Planning and execution for all product launches and events, including advertisement of new services/range of products through digital, press and radio
• Manage the delivery of all Point of Sale, including design work of graphics and execution of store decor and pricing signage
• Sole management of the website development and management – including graphic design, refreshment of artwork, coding new product pages when released, updating pricing pages and special offers (managing integration through Filemaker)
• Produce templates and artwork for all email campaigns and promotional offers
• Use Google Analytics to improve effectiveness of digital advertising and increase traffic to website
• Producing animations for digital screen advertising
• Explore and execute new opportunities to promote the brand on both Islands, such as bus advertising
• To promote support services including repairs, one to one training, home callouts, business services including consultations, business discounts and training
• To be in a position to execute any/all Brand UK campaigns offered to us as an APR and therefore opening extra pots of funding for such campaigns

Core Skills Required

• Marketing, sponsorship and event management
• Experience of leading and managing Digital, Social, Press and Radio campaigns
• Competent in Graphic Design
• Experience in managing websites, including content management, notably video
• Understanding of consumer needs and behaviour
• Strong analytical ability – analyse data, develop insights
• Presentation skills

Skills and competencies

• Be a team player
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to work cross-departments to achieve results
• Run efficient and effective meetings, both internally and with the brand and 3rd party suppliers
• Communicate clear decisions, next steps and accountability
• Knowledge of Filemaker

Management and coordination skills

• Strong attention to detail
• Deliver innovative strategic solutions
• Budget management skills

Some travel to Guernsey will be required

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